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Tycho / on Wed, May 3 2017 at 1:00 pm

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I left my Switch at home yesterday for Brenna, and I really missed it.  I have yet to play it au parc but I don’t see a situation where that doesn’t happen.  Like Google Glass, there’s going to be things about it that make the social fabric…  taut, for lack of a better word.  I played Mario Kart at a brewery and the novelty factor of this projected a small distance into what others perceived as rudeness, as though I had brought in a television from home or something and just started watching it.  It’s okay to watch the television installed in the bar, and it’s okay to be at a table with other people looking and interacting exclusively with your phone.  But if you and a friend are playing a game together, now it’s rude.

    This was supposed to be the last console generation, you’ll recall, but what did that mean in actual practice: it meant two to three times as many consoles in the same span.  The iterative approach of the PS4 Pro and the Scorpio makes more sense from a technology perspective, a decade or more is a very long time, but when I look over at the Switch I see a stake driven through the heart of the old model.  I want something to burrow up through the foundation and have it intersect my life in an oblique way, something that casts light from a different direction.  I’m always going to play videogames wherever I can find them.  I’m always going to love the PC the most.  But this machine and what it represents is only beginning to be understood.

Talking with our merchandise manager Lidija, we’ve continuously improved the quality of our shirts and printing processes without increasing the price on the shirts, which she tells me is “bad” and apparently “not business, in the classic sense.”  We’re going to change the prices on the shirts, but I didn’t want to spring it on you out of nowhere.  I looked around, and it seems like “$24.95” isn’t an uncommon price for this type of stuff.  So, we’re going to bump it up to $24, and remove the cents at the end purely as a matter of aesthetics.  We’ll move to the new pricing on May 10th, next Wednesday, so if you want to grab some of the rad stuff the designers are putting out for cheaper (I have a particular fondness for Gav’s Acq Inc designs)  now’s a great time.

    (CW)TB out.

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