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Gabe / on Mon, Nov 5 2018 at 10:28 am

Too Many Games Not Enough Something

Seeing as we’ve done three comics in a row about RDR2, it should come as no surprise that I am hooked on this game. Kara is playing it as well and while she is banging out story missions I can’t stop hunting and fishing.

All I want to do is track legendary beasts through this stunning world. There have been times in the game when I just stop and gawk at the visuals. It’s ridiculously big and beautiful. The only thing it needs is the ability for me to rob these trains and banks with my friends. Once they get the multiplayer working it will be damn near perfect.

Speaking of “damn near perfect”, Diablo on the Switch is just that. When Diablo III hit consoles it was a great game to play with the family. We all had a blast but anyone who has played it on a console will tell you it’s also pretty frustrating. Having to wait while your friends sort through their inventory or manage their skills is a pain. Having kids who are always trying to run off in different directions or portal back to town sucks. These are all problems that are fixed when everyone has their own screen. Plus now I can grind between Overwatch rounds!

The Switch version runs great and looks awesome in my opinion. It feels fast and responsive whether I’m playing handheld or docked. I will say it chews up battery but that’s my fault for not being able to put it down.

-Gabe out

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