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Tycho / on Fri, Aug 4 2017 at 11:40 am

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Prove Me Wrong

In each case, our youngest children (featured in Panel Two) are indecipherable, almost-certainly-changeling paradoxes.  And they get on like a house on fire.  Noah is friendly and Ronia can draw.  We don’t know what’s going on here.

Getting them apart when it’s time to go is like watching a taffy pulling machine at a fair.  Trying to extricate them only establishes the bond.  You essentially have to wait until one of them falls asleep.

The strip is true, though.  Gabriel has been running a home game of Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire; who can say why.  In a world such as ours, where phenomena are way nested, even small events can have sophisticated interactions.  Like many indie RPGs, which I believe are its closest genetic cousins, the new Star Wars is not very math heavy.  The dice don’t even have numbers on them.  They’re emblazoned with arcane symbols that gesture at cosmic outcomes and those who play the game interpret them.  It’s essentially divination, and allows for things like failing, but building momentum toward a goal, or succeeding in such a way that you open the door to the foe.  It’s juicy like a papaya.

And bad guys, especially in the era that was my crucible, are a thousand times cooler and have way radder shit than the good guys 24/7.  Look at M.A.S.K. for fuck’s sake.  Oh, your car flies?  That’s cool.  Your friend drives around on a motorcycle that seems explicitly designed to decapitate the pilot?  Okay.  Your base is full of gasoline and has one rock that rolls down?  Yeah, I’ll try not to stand in that specific place.  Get the fuck out of here.  Your enemy flies around in a helicopter that’s also a jet and runs an organization called called V.E.N.O.M.!

They’re called venom.

Our merchandise manager Lidija (Derby Name: SAILOR DOOM) hooked me up with some extra info about our upcoming Garage Sale, which you should grab a ticket to.  We’re trying to make room for some really, really big ideas we have.  For PA stuff, we’ve got all kinds of ish:

- Penny Arcade “Classic” Tees that cannot be found ANYWHERE else.
- Merch odds and ends, some figures, things that cannot be sold on the store

Plus, Club PA members get that free Club PA mug. Not to be outdone, the Child’s Play Team has some heaped up treasure also - treasure that can be yours:

- Table Tennis Tables and Accessories
- Golf Clubs and Accessories
- Older Game Consoles
- TV’s!!
- Poker Tables

I am supposed to add that we also have

- Stuff that you never knew you wanted until this moment

Which is vague, yet exhilarating.  I’ll be hanging out the whole time, no doubt in a sun-shielded bunker, so please gaze into the slit in my defenses and if possible push a sandwich through.

(CW)TB out. 

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