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Tycho / 1 week ago

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Jerriford Horkims

Gabe wanted to know what I’d been playing lately, and I couldn’t think of anything except Elder Scrolls: Legends.  That’s because I was formulating the query incorrectly.  I was looking for memories where visual field was equal to computer desk, or perhaps vf=television, and not coming up with a whole lot.  Then I thought about the Switch, and all the missing time spooled out.  Picross.  Odyssey. Has Been.  Super Beat Sports with Ronia, because we gotta get those hats.

I’ve been playing Doom on there a little bit too, in single and in multiplayer, and I can’t wait to see what else people do shooter-wise on there.  I’d read that the graphics in DOOM weren’t as good as they look on a top end gaming PC or a next gen console, but it wasn’t a huge surprise to me because the Switch is a small tablet and not a PC or a home console whose exclusive domain is as an adjunct to a television.  This would be like me warning you that if you want to play your Playstation 4 on the go, it’s gonna be tough because you’d have to bring a TV with you and also a gasoline generator.  I keep being surprised at what constitutes bold rhetoric these days.

But yeah, I need something to do with myself now that Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team is on break.  I expect Thursdays to feel very, very strange.  But if you’ve been waiting for a break in the action, or if you wanted a good jumping-in point to begin an audio binge, I think we’re there: you can either get it as a podcast wherever you get podcasts, or you can start feasting on the YouTube version with this playlist.  This about as good as I can make something, and I hope it invigorates you as we move into colder weather.

Technically we do have one more game though, maybe the last of the year: The “C” Team Holiday Special at PAX Unplugged.  You comin’, or what?  We got costumes for this shit and everything.

(CW)TB out.

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