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Tycho / on Wed, May 2 2018 at 11:12 am

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I mostly fucked with Gabe about his obsession with Destiny for almost the first year of its operation.  Then I got the bug from him just before House of Wolves, caught up, and then ended up doing weekly raids - something I haven’t done since World of Warcraft.

That’s why when the second one hit, I went in there strong because I had every faith he was going to be in there.  I hurled myself into timed events in an effort to secure rare and gleaming face-hats.  Here’s an index of how much I played:  I played so much that I actually got “not bad” at Crucible.  I vastly prefer four vee four crucible.  I think I might be the only one.  Well, me and the designers, I guess.

Indeed, I stayed with Destiny 2 much longer than he and Kara did.  This is a bummer because, among other reasons, my Destiny was largely about getting into a Strike playlist with the two of them and doing that until we forgot what time it was.

He’d been back in for several days before he saw fit to tell me; there have been a ton of changes since we were there and he’s deriving from them a sweet nectar.  I was gonna pop back in May 8th for Warmind anyhow, because the Warminds are some of the most tender lore bits and I’m willing to listen to aaaanything they want to tell me about these things, but still.  It’s about the principle of the thing.

Oh!  We did a Mother’s Day comic a while back about Star Naming and how it might render a galactic invasion slightly more amusing, and in the past we have offered a way to customize a comic with the name of your choice.  Well, we’re doing that again!  Indeed, informing you of this unique service is the entire purpose of this paragraph.

(CW)TB out.

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