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Tycho / on Fri, Aug 23 2019 at 1:01 pm

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When your CEO has to roll through and disavow your most recent Reddit excursion, we need to consider that you mighta fucked up.

There’s nothing I don’t understand about people contextualizing my actions in a way I don’t agree with.  I’ve been doing this since before there was a word for it, since before there were widespread neologisms for things like Blog.  That’s how fucking long.  I have learned very little, in aggregate.  What I have managed to derive is that there is quite profound latitude for speech, but the harm matrix for riposte is profound.

I’m not certain I could say that response is never justified.  Some things simply can’t be borne.  Plus, we wouldn’t have the life-giving benefits of Le Tigre’s “Yr Critique” were we to maintain such a policy.  But it has to be conscious - we have the term proprioception to describe the sense of our physical bodies in space, and if you’re thinking about transforming a slight against you into a campaign of some kind you need whatever that is, but for social space.  Accept that your rhetorical opponent has done what they have done precisely to generate this mental state, one where you may be prone to error, destabilized; one where you might expose your flank.  The only question truly before you is precisely how much you want to reward them for that.

Independent of any treatise for the sober minded, I find it very difficult to be offended by any potty words employees of Respawn might have uttered.  I got pretty high walls I guess.  Where they got into weird territory was calling people who play their free to play game freeloaders.  If you listen long enough, people will tell you things they really, really don’t want you to know.  We don’t even have to listen very long in this case: the pressure on this team to monetize must be immense.  They’ve begun frantically spinning the tumbler in an effort to retroactively ennoble the enterprise.  Free play is the deal you make when you offer a game like this.  It’s a weird fucking model.  But that’s not the fault of the people who take you up on it.

Mr. Gribbs and I played a ton of Remnant: From The Ashes when it was in beta, whenever the servers would let us, and he’s played more since release.  I’m just starting out, not far from the intro, so if you’d like to see what they’re getting at with it stop by the stream and see what you think.  I think it looks okay, and I would like to rewrite large portions of the intro.  But it sounds amazing, but the combat is so responsive - weirdly responsive, I would say - that it makes the high stakes co-op feel immediate and intentional.

(CW)TB out.

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