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Gabe / on Thu, Nov 5 2020 at 12:01 am

Race Night!

I’ve spent more time with Stadia and it continues to be really impressive. Since my last post a week ago, I got a Stadia controller and put just over sixteen hours into the Division 2. I also checked out a bunch of other games like Super Hot: Mind Control Delete, Orcs Must Die 3 and an early access game called Embr. Kara and I have been killing Orcs together and having a great time with all the traps and new characters. Embr has got its hooks in my son Noah and I. This is a co-op fire fighting game with ridiculous ragdoll physics and a goofy premise. You need to work together to battle the fire and save all the people trapped inside...and also you can rob them. It’s a great game that I had never even heard of but it was included with Stadia Pro. Super Hot Mind Control Delete is also great, it takes the gameplay of the normal game and delivers it in a new almost Roguelike way. 

I was asked to appear on StadiaCast which is a podcast that as you can imagine discusses Stadia stuff. I ended up having a really good chat with Bill about the service including the stuff I really like and some things it could do better. Bill also answered some questions for me and I learned about some of the functionality that is supposedly in the pipeline. In fact one of the things we talked about, family sharing, just launched today

I picked up Dirt 5 on the Xbox and have been having a lot of fun with it. This is 100% an arcade racer and it checks all the right boxes. It’s fast, fun and beautiful even playing it on my One X. I’m really curious to see how it performs once I get my new Series X next week as some of the load times are on the long side.

Speaking of racing, tonight is race night for the Penny Arcade iRacing league. The Pit Crew will open around 7:30PT for some practice which I desperately need. The race itself will start a little after 8PT.  See you on the track!

-Gabe out

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