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Tycho / on Mon, Jan 11 2021 at 12:01 am

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Tales From The Loop

Connected to the idea that you might now be more conscious of your backlog than you have ever been, there's whole platforms full of partially gnawed games interred beneath cargo shorts or in the garage maybe, waiting to be awoken by the wall adapter, provided you have the right one because there was a period there on Nintendo handhelds where it changed. If you had a WiiU, you might get a little extra use out of the adapter for the big slate controller thing in this case. As soon as these systems started being able to host all their own software, as opposed to a rotating cadre of carts, finding one has all the dynamics of buried treasure. And maybe it is! Or maybe you buried it for a reason.

God dammit; I was so keen to emphasize the looping nature of the process that I completely missed "Buried Leisure" as a name for the strip. In my defense, it only really rhymes in some forms of English.

I can't imagine what it's like to grow up in this world. In some ways, it is like growing up any time. I found the process quite frustrating, and I've endeavored to remember that feeling whenever my children express their own version of it. But one of the things that is fairly normal I think for them is that they live in this Kuiper belt of whirling detritus modern life casts out; they can find what just twenty years ago would be the equivalent of mystical artifacts. I might have found an old record or something, but things have changed because the pace has gone up. An old iPod, even the comparatively fat steak of an ancient iPhone might be somewhere. Further back, mix CDs or even (God help us) Compact Discs. We've been listening to old cassettes Brenna had from college with accents she needed to learn. My bedside table has at least one DS or 3DS cartridge in it every time I look, and it seems to be a different one every time.

I think it probably helps to have a weird dad if you really want to maximize this kind of harvest. A combination of my allergy to organization and my longstanding worship of the medium means that a young person can, with minimal effort, literally forage for technology.

(CW)TB out.

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