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Tycho / on Fri, Jun 18 2021 at 12:01 am

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Constant Contact

The dynamics of my relationship with USA Gundam Store are exactly like ordinary relationship dynamics. I literally get pics. I signed up for it, I'm not mad and I can get out whenever I want, but there's a level of increasingly cyberpunk intensity when I'm getting texts, and mails, and these texts and mails are informing the ads I see on literally every website.

Gabir Liel - of Gabir Motors fame, proud member of the Dragon Race Team China family of automotive brands - was frank in an interview about an accident in the last race, potentially too frank, insofar as he told the truth. Enriqua Lara ("The Lariathan") struck partner Hong Liao on the circuit, ruining two wings in the process. Liel said as much, which caused Lara to refuse contract negotiations with the organization for roughly a year and a half. Here's where things get interesting. Well, here's where they get something at any rate: her existing contract is only in place for seven more weeks. Which means that, independent of how many Enriqua Lara bobbleheads we might have in the fulfillment center, The Vroom Raider won't be part of the organization going forward.

This was incredible news for Hans-Kurt Hog, known in the paddock and in the broader racing world as The Hogfather, who has recently been elevated to the main stage of the competition after having exclusively tuned cars for his entire career with the company. This came right after the announcement that he had become a Soundcloud rapper or something, I shit you not, that's basically what actually happened in the game. While he and the mechanic develop the kind of relationship that will let him get the best out of the car, the racing season is only halfway over. WHat's next? Find out with us today at 2pm PDT, only on Twinch.

(CW)TB out.

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