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Tycho / on Wed, Aug 4 2021 at 12:01 am

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The main reason he can't get anyone to play Digimon with him isn't merely sloth and intransigence on the part of the young, although that's always a non-zero factor. In this case, it's simply because his previous entreaty - Pokemon TCG - simply caught on too well. I don't really know anything about Digimon outside of what the neologism would indicate; that these are Monsters which are somehow - inexplicably, unrelentingly - Digital. Essentially, he's trying to get them to play with GoBots when they're already playing with Transformers. That was always gonna be rough pitch. Cy-Kill? Woof.

The first multiplayer game I ever played solo was probably Chess, which works really well actually. I have definitely done all this stuff. The migration of boardgames to digital these days lets you get away with this kind of thing without the pronounced absence of another person across the table. Warhammer Underworlds is probably the most recent time I've played 1v1 where I was both of the Ones, I've had precisely zero luck getting anybody into it, but the version on Steam doesn't require these nebulous Others.

Shit, man; you can play the new Descent: Legends of the Dark as a single player game if you want to! An app drives the whole thing. You might sustain an RSI from moving around its hundreds of figurines utterly solo, but this seems like a supreme use of one's tendons. Let them burn out, like stars.

Golgolfa returns today at 2pm, in a radical new venue - specifically, the prior venue, which is PGA Tour 2k21. They've been on a tear lately with free new content, and they've started actively collaborating with the community on new courses which is a good idea generally but is probably also the best way to inoculate themselves from an ascendant EA golf excursion. Tee time is at 2pm PDT, see you then.

(CW)TB out.

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