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Tycho / on Mon, Nov 15 2021 at 12:01 am

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I'm just not in the market for Battlefield 2042. I would like very much to look at it, and to see the physical comedy that results when C5 is placed on an allied drone and flown into groups of enemies, but there are services now that can let me watch others do exactly that for free. The savings are incredible - for some. Some have not saved as much. Indeed, some have paid full price! We live in the long shadow cast by wicked men.

I'm absolutely going to grab Halo today, because all the rumors were true and the first season of Halo Infinite is something you can go and get. I've followed the official stuff on Waypoint pretty closely after that campaign debut (feat. Craig) just to… I don't know. I think just to cast a vote for that team, I guess. I know a lot of people who make videogames. Being the work of human hands doesn't shield them from criticism, obviously. But it's worth being conscious that whatever the game might be called, it's certainly the work of thoroughly finite creatures trying to make something impossible under a hastily erected remote paradigm during a once in a century realignment of the world order. And that would simply be interesting context if what we've seen of both the multiplayer and the campaign now didn't both look fucking rad.

The fact is whenever I sit down to the computer now, the pointer hovers over Storybook Brawl without my say so - drawn, perhaps inexorably, into its magnet tar pit trap. I'm a serial monogamist with deckbuilder shit, I play most of them, but Brawl has stuck with me longer than most of these do. It has the same dynamics as a Teamfight Tactics or a DOTA Underlords, but loses things like Interest and has a more TCG approach to its unit combos. I genuinely can't believe how solid the play is, and it don't cost nothin'. It's one of those rare games where you feel like they should be monetizing more.

(CW)TB out.

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