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Thank God

By Tycho – March 25, 2002

There's a piece of "hatemail" over at Monkey's site, at least, that's what he calls it.

Ursine Adventures

By Tycho – March 25, 2002

Today's strip features nearly a half-ton of prime bear. Speaking of which, I've always been a little disappointed that our plan to produce authentic Bear Steins never came to fruition - I can't shake the notion that there are those who want to drink bear, but settle for other liquids.

Jedi Star Fighter kicks ass.

By Gabe – March 23, 2002

I know I said I would have something done for Club PA members today. Verizon decided to turn off my internet though on Wednesday and I just now got it back. I’ll get you guys your new gift over the weekend for sure. I may also write a little update about how much fun it is to destroy a droid ship with force lighting from the relative safety of your star fighters cockpit.

How Could I Forget?

By Tycho – March 22, 2002

Blade II is out today. God willing and the creek don't rise, we'll be watching the Blade movies in order today.


Linksville: 5 Miles

By Tycho – March 22, 2002

We've switched this site's usual links with Folgers crystals. Let's see if anyone notices.

Choose Your Character

By Tycho – March 22, 2002

The last couple weeks on this site have been really screwed up on the network tip. I could talk about stupid router crap for the whole post, and wouldn't that be fun, but I'm afraid I'll jinx it if I go into it. I'm not even going to say it's fixed - I'm just going to go about my business, router, and if you want to service my packets, well, I think we're all very grateful.

Virtua Fighter 4!

By Gabe – March 20, 2002

Tycho and I hit our local EBX this morning over at the Redmond mall. I picked up Virtua Fighter 4 and he grabbed Gunvalkyrie. We spent all afternoon playing VF4 and my official opinion of it is "Shit Damn!" This game is about as close to perfect as a fighting game can get. Like Tycho said, we are normally Tekken fans. We have been since Tekken 1 on the PSX. While our opinions differ on Tekken 4 (I think it's great and he is an idiot) we still consider ourselves fans of the series. On the other hand we never really got into the VF games. I mean sure we played VF1 just like everyone else but when they dropped two on us Tycho and I where knee deep is Samurai Showdown two. We could look over and see the VF2 machine sitting there looking all cool but nothing was gonna pull us away from the glory that was SS2. Then three came out and our local arcade decided they should charge a $1.00 to play it. Needless to say it didn't get much play. Rather than drop the price they decided to sell it and that was the last we ever saw of VF3. So we loaded up VF4 not really knowing what to expect. What we got was a fighting experience that totally blows everything else out of the water. We picked up the strategy guide along with the game and I have to say I highly recommend it. This game is fucking deep. You could spend weeks just trying to get good at one or two characters.

The Y Is Silent

By Tycho – March 20, 2002

I actually like Terminal Reality as a developer, so don't take today's strip to mean the opposite. When I told Gabe that this "BloodRayne" was from the (quote) Nocturne Guys, he made a scrunchy face which said "I am eating an entire lemon." He was coming from an angry place. Long ago, see, Gabe entered an art contest at a site - Kazi Wren's "Spookhouse," if memory serves - and won a copy of Nocturne for his trouble. In reality, it was me that won it, because after playing it for around ten minutes he uninstalled it and tried to lose the box underneath a pile of stuff. Developers, you will find that our Gabriel is not a patient man. He takes your poor control scheme and fun-house camera angles as calculated acts of personal aggression. Me, I'll let you get by on raw style just so long as this style of yours > some massive pain in my ass. Not so with my man Gabe. Even when he gets your game for free, it would appear that you still owe him.


Miranda block 4 is our bitch.

By Gabe – March 18, 2002

First off I would like to thank everyone who showed up for our PA PSO weekend. I had a great time meeting everyone. We will certainly be organizing more of these weekends in the future.

PSO Revisited

By Tycho – March 18, 2002

The Penny Arcade PSO Weekend was a smashing success, insofar as an exotic menagerie of hostile organisms were successfully smashed. I don't know how many people actually showed up, but it seemed like a lot, or at least, a lot of people who dug out their DC's and went through the trouble of setting them up. There was much discussion of the upcoming beach zone in PSO for the 'Cube, a game whose release will likely kick off another weekend like this one. About a half-hour into it, it occurred to me: Why aren't we doing this all the time? PA, I mean? Why aren't we having extravaganzas of one sort or another with marked frequency? The next one will probably be a PC game, Medal or Wolf probably, and I'm willing to bet that HomeLAN might even handle the server side. Still thinking, still thinking, but it's like I said in the forum thread on this topic - it's like having a social event without all the weak knees and discomfort our kind often associates with all that realspace crap. I may not be making a lot of sense. I played PSO for around twenty-three hours of a forty-eight hour period, I can't really focus on shit, and when I look up and down this text I couldn't tell you if it was a phone book, or a cookie recipe, or what.

Pissing people off in the digital age.

By Gabe – March 15, 2002

The Bnetd issue is the hot topic of discussion again in our forum. I've already said right here exactly how I feel about it so I don't see any reason to go into that again. However I would like to mention something about the EFF. In there press release they offer a link to our cartoon on the subject. I mailed Tim Jung and let him know that without our new posts on the topic the comic strip was out of context. He was very cool about it and removed the link right away. He sent me a couple e-mails asking why I don't agree with them but he wasn't really a dick about it. I felt like the problem had been resolved. Then I got a mail from Will Doherty. I'll just post it here so you can see it:


re: RE

By Tycho – March 15, 2002

As a loose coalition of geeks, today's strip will make sense to most of the site's readership. It doesn't matter what we've heard about it, if anything. It doesn't matter if we've seen it or not, or what we'll think of it once we do. We see movies based on games so that somewhere, in the onyx tower where the cowled Accountant Lords ply their trade, in some small column and in some small way, a movie based on a gaming license registers a blip on Hollywood's sensitive equipment. I'm investing in the great movie that will be made when the people who create pop culture in this country decide we've been good enough - for long enough - to have it. The one true gaming movie. I think of it as a sort of Messiah Payment Plan.

Final Fantasy N

By Tycho – March 13, 2002

Ravenous for news, I hit VGNation - and saw something I hadn't seen yet. Check it out - in all my imagining about what form a game that utilized the GC and the GBA might take, I guess I never expected this.

Listen up Lucas Arts!

By Gabe – March 13, 2002

It's a good time to be a star wars fan. Far be it from me to complain about a how many star wars games there are. I have already told you how excited I am about Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars Galaxies. However Lucas Arts refuses to make the one game that I really want to play. I understand that they are making these episode one games to tie in with the movies. However they are overlooking the books which could provide them with games that are about a hundred times cooler. Anyone who has been following the star wars story line into the New Jedi Order books will tell you that the galaxy is in the middle of a shit storm the likes of which it has never seen. Seriously would you rather play a game set against the backdrop of political intrigue that is the episode one/two universe or the galaxy wide war against an unstoppable foe that has already brought the republic to it's knees as in the New Jedi Order? For me the choice is a simple one. Drop me into an x-wing cockpit and send my ass out against the Vong. That is where I want to play. Put me in the fucking trenches of a war that has already cost the lives of some of the most cherished characters in star wars history. Not killing wave after wave of mindless droids from the safety of some spotless chrome starfighter. Someone at Lucas Arts needs to grow a fucking brain and realize that they are missing out on what could be some of the best games to ever use the goddamned license. I know you don't accept un-solicited creative ideas from out side the company but maybe you should. I mean come on, Obi-Wan, Battlegrounds, Power Battles or Star Wars fucking Demolition? You guys obviously aren't coming up with winners on your own. Why not look to the fans for some inspiration. We know what kind of games we want to play. One survey would have told you that no one wants to play a demolition derby set in the star wars universe. A DEMOLITION DERBY SET IN THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE! This is the kind of shit we get but you won't let us play a game set in what is arguably the most dramatic period of strife the star wars universe has ever seen? Please Lucas Arts, I am begging you. Pick up a copy of one of the New Jedi Order books. Give it a read and see if it isn't screaming to have a game made out of it.

GBA = Controller

By Tycho – March 13, 2002

Gabe (and )told me about this Flippin' Kirby thing, where Kirby falls down from your TV, into your GameBoy Advance, and you play him in there. That seems to cry out "using it as a controller" to me, so maybe this was an Xbox rep wearing a Mario pin or something. Need more info? The hand_of_g0d writes: