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Hold Me

By Tycho – May 3, 2002

Tron 2.0 looks really cool. That is all.

Maybe you should get your own GC

By Gabe – May 1, 2002

After calling every rental place in Kirkland I finally hit the jackpot when I called the Woodinville Blockbuster. The lady there said they had one left and before she could finish I was in the car and half way to Woodinville. A $100.00 deposit, a $14.95 rental fee and a $10.83 late fee (stupid fucking Maximo!) and I had myself a GC until Monday. That means that this evening Tycho, Kara, Monkey and I will all be sitting down to enjoy some survival horror. They were all so mad when I told them about the GC I was honestly a little scared for my life. In fact had I not been able to rent one, my plan was just to drive east until I ran out of gas.


I Think So

By Tycho – April 30, 2002

Wasn't he in "Too Stupid To Make A Title For His Post"? That was bad ass.

Here is my fucking title bitch.

By Gabe – April 30, 2002

Have any of you guys seen that new movie staring Assy McShutup? I hear it’s pretty good.

Cry Me A River

By Tycho – April 30, 2002

Well, get to it. I don't have all Goddamn night.


FanimeCon 2002

By Tycho – April 29, 2002

I've never actually been to a con. Whenever I say that, people always mention E3, but I think there's room to make strong distinctions between Trade Shows and Fan Conventions. I wouldn't know what those were, of course. I've never actually been to a con.

Caution: Games (Except For #4)

By Tycho – April 29, 2002

  • Speaking of Munchkins: With all my talk about card games lately, people have been writing in with their favorites. One such people mentioned this "Munchkin," which looks to be a humorous take on hack and slash Dungeon Diving illustrated by Dork Tower's John Kovalik. He also illustrates Chez Geek, come to think of it, which is also great.

  • Way Of The Stick: If you recall those impossibly good kung-fu stickmen movies, and you had damn well better, try your hand as the protagonist.

  • Am I Game: Maybe not a game per se, but you do have to click on things, which is at least game-esque. I like it mainly as a nostalgia trip.

  • Is Your Family Prepared?: I think the record will show that I loathe the undead. Take a moment to read these chilling facts, and don't be afraid to ask tough questions about your safety from ravening legions of mindless zombies.



By Gabe – April 27, 2002

Everyone liked weekend news so much last time I decided to bring it back again.

Sur Le Grim Futur

By Tycho – April 26, 2002

Just finished up my overview of Sabertooth's Warhammer 40k card game - if you're into CCG's, I invite you to look over my piece. I think there's a lot to like. In the game, I mean. The article's only okay.

Kingdom hearts

By Gabe – April 26, 2002

I just uploaded my impressions on the import copy of Kingdom Hearts. I hope it helps anyone who is thinking about importing it.

Government to artists: FUCK YOU!

By Gabe – April 26, 2002

Between Tycho and the Lawyer of Doom I honestly don't have much to add in regards to this latest ruling. There is one thing that wasn't mentioned that probably bothers me more than anything though. This is a huge slap in the face to every artist who works in the video game industry. This ruling says that the work of an artist whose medium is videogames is not a valid form of expression. Who the fuck is this man? Could this same judge stand up and declare that artists who work in clay or oils are equally incapable of conveying ideas through their work? This is the same government that recognizes a crucifix in a jar of piss as not just art but protected free speech. Not only that, the artist Andres Serrano actually received $15,000 for his work from the National Endowment for the Arts. "Piss Christ" as he calls it was a fucking federally funded endeavor. This is the kind of shit our government considers speech but a masterpiece like Shenmue is incapable of conveying an idea? I keep expecting Rod Serling to appear and tell us all that we've just entered the middle ground between light and shadow.