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By Kara – July 12, 2002


Soldier Of Fortune 2 Patcharoo

By Tycho – July 10, 2002

You can get the SOF2 patch here, and see a list of fixes - and several additional features - here. I was looking to have the new MP5SD, new maps, and new gametype for a LAN party I'm heading to this weekend, and it looks like I got it. Fresh.


Warcraft 3 is the game for me!

By Gabe – July 10, 2002

The first thing I did when I got back into town was go over to Tycho's and pick up the copy of Warcraft 3 he had waiting for me. The rest of the crew has been playing it quite a bit and I know they have all commented on it here at length. I knew that if I wanted to play with them I was going to have to catch up fast. I spent much of last night battling computer opponents and learning the Night Elf tech tree. By early morning I had a pretty solid build order and I felt like even though I was still getting my ass handed to me I had learned a lot. All I'm gonna say on the topic is the game is a work of art. When I play most games I can see that it was originally conceived by artists who carefully designed its characters and environments. Then those ideas get molested beyond recognition during their voyage from concept to actual game . For proof of this just take a peek at the concept art for one of your favorite titles. Chances are you will find gorgeous paintings or sketches full of character and texture. Then look at the final product and tell me if they don't share only a passing resemblance. Warcraft 3 is an exception to that rule. It's like every single part of the game was hand crafted by artists. The original vision of their extremely talented concept artists has been faithfully reproduced in three dimensions. The character models are perfect representations of the original designs, and that is no easy task. From the interface to the smallest lily pad floating in the water this game is beautiful in every way that a game can be beautiful.

I'm back!

By Gabe – July 8, 2002

I just wanted to make a quick update. I was out of town all last week so I am way behind on my e-mail. I know that by the end of last week messages were just bouncing back to people. I will try and catch up this week. Just wanted to let you all know I’m not dead.

It's The Big Night

By Tycho – July 8, 2002

The very moment winners were been announced at the Cartoonist's Choice Awards, we immediately regretted having rejected our nominations. Then we remembered that, wait, we were Cartoonists, right? Why couldn't we Choose? An award, I mean?


Still not Talking

By Tycho – July 5, 2002

Because Batjew said not to, and I respect that.

Shutting Up Now

By Tycho – July 5, 2002

You won't hear another word out of me.


What's Next

By Tycho – July 5, 2002

I recognize that - under ordinary circumstances - Penny Arcade is not your source for comics about man's single-minded enthusiasm for putting one thing into another thing. Putting the lime in the coconut was only the tip of a terrifying iceberg covered in a carpet of unblinking eyes with the wild, animal look of a man who has killed. If you already knew that human beings were doing this kind of thing, by which I mean the spider-goat thing, my hat's off to you. We never heard about this shit until a week ago, which is surprising because when someone squeezes some Goddamn spider silk out of a goat's titty it's the kind of thing one expects to hear about. Industry is clacking its hideous mandibles with excitement over the applications of readily available spider silk, focused largely on the swinging and thwipping sectors of our economy. I'm making goofy jokes about it because I think that we are a young species that often fucks with things we don't know how to unfuck. It's a coping mechanism.


By Tycho – July 4, 2002

Just read a review over at IGN that pegged it at 2.5 out of five stars, and I think that might be a little harsh. The fact of the matter is that this film is not as good as its predecessor, an affliction not uncommong among sequels. That said, it's far from complete trash, and has some great to fantastic moments peppered throughout. Some of the dialogue simply doesn't work, some of the events you really couldn't give a damn about, but Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones do their level best with what they've been given. Also, there was a show nothing, tell nothing Terminator 3 trailer. If you liked Men In Black, I'd see it - at budget hour.

Been Reading Them Books

By Tycho – July 3, 2002

This is not uncommon: Brenna will come home with two arms full of books, and I will commandeer some portion of their number and block all access to them. There is a profoundly readable volume by Leslie Alan Horvitz called Eureka! Scientific Breakthroughs That Changed The World, and I do suggest you ask your Public Librarian if they have a copy for you. Many of the inventors profiled therein are intriguing, but I found myself particularly sympathetic toward one Philo Farnsworth, inventor of the electric television. It seems resonant to geekdom at large, and I present his tale here for your enjoyment and edification.


By Tycho – July 3, 2002

Almost forgot.