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By Tycho – July 3, 2002

Almost forgot.


By Tycho – July 3, 2002

If you're reading this, it's because the Homelan guys got all of our stuff moved into the new colocation facility without a hitch. This is, we believe, because they are rad. This is also the best performance I can remember of any recent strip day, which is either because things are just working better at the new place or because no-one reads Penny Arcade anymore. Honestly, either one of those is fine. I'm of the opinion that the whole thing was getting out of hand.

Server Movin'

By Tycho – July 2, 2002

Servers are moving to a new colo tonight, we don't foresee any problems but it's something you should know. Should be back up well in time for the next update.

Actually, That's Quite True

By Tycho – July 1, 2002

Today is National Stupid Day, named so for inventor Robert Stupid, whose Stupid Engine revolutionized idiocy.



By Tycho – July 1, 2002

It's Monday, which is vile. It's also July, whose exact coordinates in the vile continuum are too early to call, but Nothing Nice To Say reminds us all to pay our rent. I had nearly forgotten myself, and it was such a poignant, timely piece of advice that I chose to reprint it here without permission.

J'aime Stuff

By Tycho – June 28, 2002

This is going to be a frail, sickly little update, but it's worth it.

Love and Hate

By Gabe – June 28, 2002

It’s Friday and there is a new installment of Love and Hate available. We couldn’t find Batjew (sometimes he just wanders off) this week so Kara is pulling double duty. I think she did an admirable job of filling his psychotic shoes.


Sanity's Roquefort

By Tycho – June 28, 2002

Today's comic concerns Eternal Darkness for the Cube, which appears to have stolen the hearts of the review industry. Gabe's spoken about the game a couple times already, so I might not need to.

Saved Games With Father Ward

By Tycho – June 26, 2002

I like the new guy we've got here - that is to say, Father Ward - a lot. I would never presume to tell you that Penny Arcade had scaled the sheer rock face of visual storytelling and returned to earth with wisdom for mankind. But I do think a strip like this one shows how we might have done something differently earlier in the site's history, and for some reason it is striking me as interesting at the moment.

Vote for one of our own!

By Gabe – June 24, 2002

Okay people, I have an important job for you today. One of our very own has made it all the way to the finals in the competition to become a Nintendo street team member. This young man’s name is Brian McGee and you can find him on the Seattle page along with the rest of the finalists for this fair city. Brian is a long time PA fan and many of you probably know him from the chat rooms and forums. I would like to ask that you all head over there and give our man Brian a couple votes.

My Minority Report Report

By Tycho – June 24, 2002

As regards our newest strip, Harry Knowles is sort of an interesting phenomenon quite aside from his extraordinarily popular (not to mention populous) website. When we disagree with him on a movie, we breathe a sign of relief - it saves us the trouble of coming up with new opinions. When we do agree with him, it's gotten to the point where we feel vaguely uncomfortable about that, because no-one likes to share ideological space with known retards. We rather enjoyed Minority Report. He's not crazy about it. There's just something comforting about that.


I love the interweb

By Gabe – June 22, 2002

Well I started out looking at news posts about Minority Report and through the magic of the internet, three hours later I’m looking at Scientology websites. It’s just about 1:00 am now and I am hooked on this site. I have watched a bunch of the videos this guy has to offer and they are fucking great. Be sure and check out the one were they actually send church members out to picket this dudes house.


By Tycho – June 21, 2002

A selection of sizzling links.

Summon Monster I

By Tycho – June 21, 2002

I am of the opinion that Neverwinter Nights is something of a big deal, so if you don't want to read about Neverwinter Nights, you're going to have to go somewhere else. We do have a new strip as well, but it's also about Neverwinter Nights, if only tangentially.