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You aren't even my real dad

By Gabe – May 4, 2002

Nothing I do is ever good enough for you. Sorry I'm not fucking perfect like you!

whatever a spider can

By Gabe – May 4, 2002

The Spiderman movie is the reason god invented the cinema.

Hold Me

By Tycho – May 3, 2002

Tron 2.0 looks really cool. That is all.


Maybe you should get your own GC

By Gabe – May 1, 2002

After calling every rental place in Kirkland I finally hit the jackpot when I called the Woodinville Blockbuster. The lady there said they had one left and before she could finish I was in the car and half way to Woodinville. A $100.00 deposit, a $14.95 rental fee and a $10.83 late fee (stupid fucking Maximo!) and I had myself a GC until Monday. That means that this evening Tycho, Kara, Monkey and I will all be sitting down to enjoy some survival horror. They were all so mad when I told them about the GC I was honestly a little scared for my life. In fact had I not been able to rent one, my plan was just to drive east until I ran out of gas.

I Think So

By Tycho – April 30, 2002

Wasn't he in "Too Stupid To Make A Title For His Post"? That was bad ass.


Here is my fucking title bitch.

By Gabe – April 30, 2002

Have any of you guys seen that new movie staring Assy McShutup? I hear it’s pretty good.

Cry Me A River

By Tycho – April 30, 2002

Well, get to it. I don't have all Goddamn night.


FanimeCon 2002

By Tycho – April 29, 2002

I've never actually been to a con. Whenever I say that, people always mention E3, but I think there's room to make strong distinctions between Trade Shows and Fan Conventions. I wouldn't know what those were, of course. I've never actually been to a con.

Caution: Games (Except For #4)

By Tycho – April 29, 2002

  • Speaking of Munchkins: With all my talk about card games lately, people have been writing in with their favorites. One such people mentioned this "Munchkin," which looks to be a humorous take on hack and slash Dungeon Diving illustrated by Dork Tower's John Kovalik. He also illustrates Chez Geek, come to think of it, which is also great.

  • Way Of The Stick: If you recall those impossibly good kung-fu stickmen movies, and you had damn well better, try your hand as the protagonist.

  • Am I Game: Maybe not a game per se, but you do have to click on things, which is at least game-esque. I like it mainly as a nostalgia trip.

  • Is Your Family Prepared?: I think the record will show that I loathe the undead. Take a moment to read these chilling facts, and don't be afraid to ask tough questions about your safety from ravening legions of mindless zombies.


By Gabe – April 27, 2002

Everyone liked weekend news so much last time I decided to bring it back again.