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Gabe / on Wed, May 1 2002 at 2:34 pm

Maybe you should get your own GC

After calling every rental place in Kirkland I finally hit the jackpot when I called the Woodinville Blockbuster.  The lady there said they had one left and before she could finish I was in the car and half way to Woodinville. A $100.00 deposit, a $14.95 rental fee and a $10.83 late fee (stupid fucking Maximo!) and I had myself a GC until Monday. That means that this evening Tycho, Kara, Monkey and I will all be sitting down to enjoy some survival horror. They were all so mad when I told them about the GC I was honestly a little scared for my life. In fact had I not been able to rent one, my plan was just to drive east until I ran out of gas.

If you join Club PA this month you will get to see the very first Penny Arcade comic ever made. It has never been shown before and probably won’t ever be shown again.  I am looking at it as I type this and it’s so bad it’s embarrassing.

-Gabe out

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