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Tycho / on Fri, Sep 27 2002 at 8:06 am


There’s these goofy little creatures you get in Starfox that let you continue.  They’re called Bafmodads, I think.  I know that it starts with Baf and ends with Dad, and I feel like that’s good enough.  There is room for error between those two poles, but also for romance and adventure.  So I’m set.

However!  I’m heartened to see that they aren’t mentioned by name in any reviews I’ve read.  Any references to “little continue guys” or “small creatures” or “ear bastards” can surely be construed to mean Bafmodad, or Bafomodad, or whatever, but I doubt anyone else remembers how to spell it either. 

When I was spelling “tomatoes” in today’s strip, my mind was filled with apprehension as I considered Dan Quayle.  I remembered very clearly how he was gripped and reamed for spelling a variant of potato incorrectly - see how cleverly I avoid making the same mistake!  However, in my trepidation, I spelled Tomatoes wrong and now I’m owning up to it.  This makes the strip’s title more correct than I could possibly have designed! 


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