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Gabe / on Sat, Mar 8 2003 at 5:00 pm

It’s Manga without all the sad robot girls

Thanks for all the great e-mail about the last couple comic strips. I appreciate all the support. I just have a couple things to mention real quick.

I went ahead and posted some of the CTS fan art I have gotten. You can see them here.

There is a new Hook Up available. Stormy compares dual processors to lap dances, don’t miss it!

My new computer came from Two Geeks Yesterday…she is lovely. I am not much of a tech guy but this is what’s in it I think:

AMD Athlon XP 2700
A red thing with a light on it
1.00 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4800
Lots of wires
37 GB HD
74 GB Striped RAID Array
Some other bad ass shit

Photoshop purrs like a goddamned kitten even when I’m fucking with giant files with too many layers. In fact the first time I saved I thought that it hadn’t actually done it because I didn’t see the little bar chugging away at the bottom. I actually went and looked in the folder to see if it had really been saved.

Just this morning I noticed that the video card supports two monitors. I am gonna fuck around with that a bit and see if I can’t use my tablet PC as a second monitor. I am thinking about using that display for all my tools and menus in Photoshop. This would free up some real estate on my 19” monitor and give me more room to work.

The first game you install on a new PC is always special. I broke in my new rig last night with Freelancer. It runs like a dream.

I gotta get back to work on page 4 of CTS. Tycho is a wicked task master and if he finds that I’ve taken even a moments rest I’ll be in deep shit.

-Gabe out

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