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Gabe / on Mon, Nov 3 2003 at 5:30 pm

a little bit of medicine

The only explanation I can give for today’s comic strip is that I had, until this weekend never had a drink of alcohol before in my life. I have talked before at great length about my various neuroses so this should come as no shock. Essentially I am in a constant state of terror whenever trying anything new or doing anything outside of my routine. Even something like going out with my friends was enough to get my worry gland working over time. People always said I should just have a few drinks and loosen up. Of course they did not understand that I was also afraid of drinking. I always felt like I needed to keep my wits about me should the unexpected happen. Please do not ask me what the unexpected is as I do not know…I suppose that is why it’s unexpected. Just going to Vegas was a huge deal for me and then taking a cab ride away from the relative safety of our hotel and into the wild Las Vegas night was enough to send me into a tizzy. I went through the ride and as I was sitting down with all my friends I felt ridiculous. Here I was in this awesome place with some of my best friends who were all having the time of their lives and I was counting the cash in my wallet over and over again making sure I would have enough money for a cab ride home. This was not how I wanted to spend the evening. So when they brought out the first “Warp Core Breach” I decided it was time to enjoy myself. By the time they brought out the first wave of shots there was no turning back. I didn’t get drunk but I drank enough to get rid of the fucking worry that usually accompanies an evening out in a strange place. I can not even begin to describe what a good time I had. I’m not in any hurry to drink again but at least I’m not afraid of it anymore.

Here’s to conquering fears.

-Gabe out

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