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Gabe / on Wed, Jul 27 2005 at 11:02 am


Well the final word from Think Geek is that the CTS prints actually sold out in just under 30 minutes. Wow.

So when we made the first print we made 300 and that obviously was not enough. So this time we made 750 and once again we underestimated you guys. The plan right now is to take the next print run up to 1000. We want to be careful though because at some point they stop being “limited”. On the other hand I want to satisfy as many of you as I can. ThinkGeek told us that at one point they were receiving more than 30 orders a second. In fact once the prints were sold out a small batch of orders still went through. I am proud to say that we were prepared for that this time.

I certainly do not enjoy reading the angry emails from people who were unable to purchase one of our prints. Honestly they aren’t even angry. It’s like when you did something bad as a kid and your Mom would say that she isn’t angry, she’s disappointed. We all know that’s even worse. These emails I got this morning are from people disappointed that they didn’t get one of the prints and I can appreciate that. Each of them has their own suggestions for how we could better handle things and some of them are right. Obviously we destroyed ThinkGeek’s servers last night and so we need to make sure that they are better prepared next time. Like I said each time we do something like this it’s a learning experience. The next print should drop around November of this year. I’m not sure what character it will be yet but we’re already devising plans to make sure a lot of these issues don’t happen again.

Thank you to everyone who stayed up late or got up early or did whatever you had to do to get a print. We certainly appreciate your support. I apologize to those of you who were not able to get one. Some of you had very real technical problems last night with the store and I’ll be contacting many of you this week with some options.

It is worth mentioning that last night wasn’t just the launch of the CTS print. A huge chunk of our new merchandise became available for purchase last night including the new Gabe and Tycho shirts. Also we will be releasing some new laser cell prints that will not be limited editions. We have a Gabe and Tycho print as well as a Fruit Fucker Prime print that should go on sale any day now. These are smaller than the CTS print but also less expensive. They still come matted and include a certificate of authenticity. However we are not placing a limit on the number of these that we’ll make.

I really enjoy drawing the CTS comics. It gives me a chance to try some different stuff and I am especially proud of the way today’s comic came out. Thank you to everyone who mailed me today with compliments on the strip. I appreciate it. I went ahead and made a wallpaper for those of you who are interested.


-Gabe out :o:

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