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Tycho / on Wed, May 2 2007 at 1:28 pm

Downloadable Content

Welcome to the show notes for Downloadable Content 05/02/2007, "The Lidless Eye." The episode is available for direct download at this link, or feel free to subscribe to our iTunes compatible feed here.  This guide will help you navigate our frequently insane and often rambling conversation.

2:59 - (Long, pronounced sigh.)

4:45 - He never wrote back.

7:00 - Here is the website for Mantel Global Industries, the fictional site that is tied into Haze.  Free Radical for President in ‘08!  Or Prime Minster, or whatever.  Here’s the link about them doing the next Battlefront, if you’re interested.  I don’t know if it’s official official yet, but I did read it on the Internet.  I’m sure that’s sufficient!

16:48 17:35 - We had this conversation before David Jaffe’s second and third posts, where he grows increasingly distant from reality - we refer instead to the original post, which - although a little tendentious - is a portrait of what it must be to be a human being who also happens to create interactive entertainment.  We were moved by it. 

26:52 - Working on an actual videogame has been a profoundly humbling experience that we would like to write about, but (and I think you will agree) Penny Arcade isn’t the best venue.  So we’re working on another site to do that kind of stuff on. 

28:55 - Here’s that E3 floorplan we were talking about.

30:05 - Here is a link to Brad McQuaid’s post about Vanguard.  Technically, it’s a link to a link about Vanguard.  I have faith you will not be thwarted!

31:33 - The "Buggy Saint’s Row" guy is Cabel Sasser.  I think he might have written my FTP client?  I’m not sure.

38:47 - It’s probably apparent from this conversation that we’re still freaking out about Odin Sphere.  Don’t throw your lamb bones as weapons!  I guess that’s today’s lesson.  By the way, we did talk with Nippon Ichi about advertising Grim Grimoire, and it’s a go.  It’s a real-time strategy game executed in 2D, platformer-style terrain, and it’s from Vanillaware - the same developer who made Odin Sphere.  Probably best just to link you to more information.    

43:45 - Here’s a link to the comic Gabe is talking about, the one about the Starcraft MMO. 

46:42 - Ah, Evil Avatar.  Penny Arcade’s silent partner.

51:19 - Here’s that Aquarian Age Alternative video again.  I posted the wrong link before, sorry about that.

53:25 - Okay, maybe a little shame.



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