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Gabe / on Mon, Jun 11 2007 at 11:51 am

PAX 2007!

It’s hard to believe but we’re really only a couple months away from PAX 2007. We’ll actually be choosing our 20 Omeganaughts on the 15th of this month. That’s this week so if you want a shot at being in the Omegathon, you need to register for the show by this Friday. As usual Omeganaughts should expect to have all their gaming skills put to the ultimate test in a three day no holds barred battle Royal cage match. Well we don’t have a cage, no one has to fight in a cage. All the other stuff is true though. The gamer that manages to survive will be rewarded with a trip for two to the Tokyo Game Show and $5,000 is spending money. Not bad for three days work.

I know it sounds silly but Surf’s Up is actually a really fun game. I know it’s supposed to be for kids but we picked it up last week and had a blast with it here in the office. It’s sort of like Mario Kart meets Tony Hawk on the ocean…with penguins. You have this super fun track out on the ocean with crazy jumps, rails to grind and obstacles. The entire time your trying to navigate this track a massive wave is devouring it. So your racing your opponents and the wave and trying to do tricks all at the same time. I don’t know if it sounds as good when I explain it. It’s just a really fun game and I recommend you find a way to give it a try.

The game actually came with a ticket for the movie so we took Gabe to see it this weekend. I highly recommend the film as well. We sawShrek 3 recently and that felt like a bunch of voice actors and animators collecting a paycheck. It was one of the dullest movies I’ve ever seen. Surf’s up on the other hand was a blast. Visually it was a real stunner and packed with absolutely beautiful animation. It was also crazy funny. Sometimes when you watch an animated movie it feels like all the actors sat in a room by themselves and recorded all their lines independently of one another. In Surf’s Up it felt like all the actors were in the same room and they all had a script but it wasn’t a big deal. They were all improvising and playing off each other. I haven’t laughed that hard at an animated movie since Ice Age. If you have kids don’t miss it and if you don’t have kids grab the DVD when it drops.

-Gabe out

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