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Gabe / on Wed, Oct 21 2009 at 10:14 am

A list of things

Check it out, it’s a list!

-The Fruit Fucker made his prime-time television debut last Monday. Our friend Wil Wheaton was on Big Bang Theory sporting the FF shirt. I’d love to know what he told people when they asked him what was on his shirt. I’m guessing it wasn’t “a fruit rapist.”

-I am a convicted gadget fiend. I watch un-boxing videos and drool over spy photos of cell phones. So yeah, I want a nook pretty bad.

-A while ago we went out to speak at the ETC in Pittsburgh. After our talk we got to walk around the campus and talk to all the different teams. You can go back and read Tycho’s post about our trip. One of the groups we saw was working on developing applications for the Microsoft Surface. The stuff they were doing was for some kind of defense contractor though and so it was all essentially top secret. They did have a Surface in their room though and I actually sat down and played with it for a bit. After I was done doodling I started sketching out a game grid and we all got to talking about how you might be able to use this tech to play D&D. I drew out some rough ideas and Tycho and I gave them a wish list of things we’d want to see it do. Stuff like selecting spells from a menu around your figure and animates effects for attacks and auras.

After we got home we received a mail from them saying they liked the idea so much they wanted to make it their next project. That was months ago and they’ve just now released their first proof of concept video. Obviously it’s still super early but in my opinion it’s got a ton of potential. 

-I beat Uncharted 2 this week and it’s easily the best game I’ve played this year. I really don’t have anything else to say except that it was just incredible from start to finish.

-I also picked up Brutal Legend. The game is funny but not especially fun in my opinion. I bought it based on the demo which I loved, but it quickly morphs into about three different types of game and I didn’t really like any of them.

-I’m currently playing Magna Carta 2 and really liking it. The story isn’t anything to write home about but the combat is really fun. Normally I don’t like RPG’s that give you a party of characters and you get to control one while the AI handles the rest. I much prefer a turn based RPG where I get to decide what each character is doing. Magna Carta has a really cool mechanic though that has you constantly cycling through your characters to maintain an attack chain and boost your damage. During big fights you end up trying to chain all your moves together making giant encounter long combos. Some of the reviews I’ve seen say the game stops being fun around hour 20 or so. I’m only five or six hours in now and so maybe I’ll get bored with it soon. Honestly I feel like a game that’s fun for even 10 hours is a good investment.

-Gabe out

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