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Gabe / on Wed, Sep 5 2012 at 10:49 am

PAX Haul

I came away from PAX this year with some pretty cool stuff. Here’s a quick rundown of what I picked up at the show:

-Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures game
I got a great demo of this down at the Fantasy Flight booth. It’s a fun little dog fighting game between Tie Fighters and X-Wings. There is no board or grid so movement is handled with pre-cut pieces that mark the distance you can move and where your ship will end up after a given maneuver. Everyone locks in their movement choice before the round and then they are revealed on your turn. This makes for some fun gameplay as you try and guess where the other ships are going to end up. I pulled a couple moves that I thought would line me up for a great shot only to be looking out at open space.

-Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta RPG.
Also from Fantasy Flight this book collects the Beta rules for their new Star Wars tabletop RPG. This game uses an interesting Dice Pool mechanic for conflict resolution. From what I’ve read it’s less about number crunching and more about building cool stories and dramatic scenes. I’m keen to see how it plays out at the table and I plan on asking around the office for volunteers to give it a try.

-Iron Kingdoms Core Rules Book
We play a lot of Warmachine here in the office. In fact we loved the game and the world so much that I picked up a bunch of the old Iron Kingdoms RPG supplements and ran a game for my group. These old materials were based on D&D 3.5 and I did some work on my own to modify them and make them work in 4th edition. Privateer Press has just released a new version of the Iron Kingdoms RPG though and this time it uses brand new mechanics specifically designed for the game and heavily inspired by Warmachine and Hordes.  We were fortunate enough to help beta test these new systems and we had a blast. I’m really excited to have the final product in my hands.

-A Burning desire deep in my heart to play 13th Age
I was not able to grab any of the materials they had on hand but I heard about it from a number of people.  After all the glowing reviews I heard at PAX, I have to get my hands on it as soon as it comes out.

-A bunch of fucking dice
I cannot attend a convention that has a Chessex booth without buying a sack full of Dice. 

-Gabe out

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