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Tycho / on Mon, Sep 24 2012 at 12:01 am

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The Coming Aparkalypse

We have referenced Linkin Park once before, in another strip, which resulted in the kind of hurt one typically associates with the butt.  “LP” is like a test strip for age; I can put it in my mouth, take it out, compare it to the color chart, and it will say “YOU ARE TOO OLD.”  I was starting to think I had reclaimed some measure of my former vigor, in accordance with theory that age can fluctuate as it pertains to cultural product, but then I saw a sign someone had stapled to a telephone pole and the urge to tear it down was overwhelming.  “Nope,” I said.  “Still old.”

There is always a point in a song from The L to the P where I want to hurt one of the people making those sounds.  I wouldn’t be able to pull that off, obviously.  Look at them in the video; they are clearly wererats.  It typically has something to do with this awful mephit they have what does their singin’.  I don’t know what elemental plane he hails from, or what ritual is required to summon him - which of his dark appetites must be appealed to.  Vis a vis Age, there is always the suspicion that a young man might be a wastrel, and one’s wastrel-guage is ever ready to make firm these doubts.  We learned that there was a Linkin Park related “opportunity” to be had as regards Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, and locked the strip on its coordinates.

As you are aware, because I am constantly telling you, I try not to use the fearsome weaponry of this fully armed and operational battle station unless I really, really want to.  Then, I use it.  I did so in order to secure X-Com: Enemy Unknown for some reason, even though I am already playing three games simultaneously and not progressing terribly far in any of them.  I’m obsessed with it, though.  Until my last move, I had a fossilized disc of X-Gum somewhere that I was saving for a special occasion.  X-Com: Terror from the Deep very nearly destroyed my budding union with the woman who would eventually agree to marry me.  Well, I agreed to marry her.  It’s complicated.  Anyway, X-COM.

The version I was able to finagle has a locked Tech Tree, which seemed to me Unlike the Real Game, i.e. One Whose Content Would Mirror Your Own Experience, so I stopped playing it.  In fact, I didn’t get much farther than you’ll be able to get in the demo that was just released - a demo which you should download immediately.  There would be no new X-Com for PC stalwarts if they couldn’t ablate these costs with a multiplatform release; that’s what we call “mathematics.”  And certainly, what I’ve played would be marvelous couch-wise.  But no, no, no.  I could never.

(CW)TB out.

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