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Gabe / on Wed, Mar 27 2013 at 9:51 am

PAX East and pin trading

Wow what a weekend. PAX was a crazy big success again, thanks to everyone who came out and made it so awesome. One of my favorite things this year was seeing the incredible response to our new Pinny Arcade pin trading. I can’t even count how many pins I gave out but it had to have been in the thousands. By Sunday we were sold out of pins at the merch booth and it was awesome to see all the trading going on at the show. Not only did you guys seem to really love the pins but the exhibitors did as well. After seeing how popular it was we had so many companies come to us and ask about making pins not just for PAX Australia and PAX prime but for other conventions like E3 and comic con. We even had publishers asking about putting special Pinny Arcade pins in collectors editions of their upcoming games. I am so excited to watch this thing grow!

I did notice that there are quite a few pins up on eBay already. That’s fine but I want to make sure everyone knows what is and what isn’t an official pin. You can go to the Pinny Arcade site to see a full list of all the official pins and how to get them. Also all of our pins have the Pinny Arcade seal on the back with the year it was produced. In terms of rarity the CTS pin, Zombie Tycho pin and Pinny Arcade logo pin will be given out at PAX Australia and PAX prime this year. So PAX East was not your only chance to get those. The PAX East set on the other hand was only sold at the show and we did sell out.  I believe the Chandra pin was also a PAX East exclusive and from what I heard on Sunday WOTC had none left. Now because of the way pin trading works we actually got some of these pins traded back to us and those pins will be sold in blind boxes later on down the road at other shows. So there is a chance you could still pick up those designs later. Or obviously you can trade for them at future events.

PAX Australia will have it’s own set just like East did with a logo pin for the show and three new designs. As time goes on and we get more and more pins into circulation trading will just get better and better. By PAX Prime we should have pins from big and small publishers based on a bunch of great games as well as all kinds of new PA designs. We have also listened to the feedback we got at the show and it sounds like a lot of you would like ways of displaying your collections so we’re going to work on that as well.

Thanks again to everyone who came up and traded with me at PAX. I had so much fun pin trading this year and I can’t wait to do it again at PAX Australia.

While we were in Boston a couple new episodes of Strip Search came out. Be sure and get caught up before next episode this Friday!


-Gabe out


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