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Gabe / on Fri, Aug 2 2013 at 10:13 am

Sand and Acquisitions Inc.

Sand is up to part nine now and we’re starting to bring this little story to a close. Thanks to everyone who has emailed or tweeted me about the project. It makes me really happy to hear from so many people who are enjoying it. It’s been a lot of fun for us revisiting a project that we started almost 18 years ago. This is sort of like the reboot only we’re the ones doing the reboot I guess. Also no one ever saw the original.

I talked too my sister this morning and she mentioned that years ago I gave her a drawing of Sand and it’s been on her wall ever since. I asked her to take a picture of it and it’s too funny not to share with you all.

So here is what the main character looked like back in 1996:

That’s 17 years ago. That’s two years before we started Penny Arcade. Hard to believe.

Anyway I think we’ve got one more big page of Sand left to wrap the story up. That will go up on Monday and then we will get back to video game and dick jokes. Meanwhile here is a nice high res version of my favorite panel from today’s strip.

(click for big)

In other news, Acquisitions Inc. is back! We have a new podcast with three episodes already uploaded for your enjoyment. These star myself, Tycho, Scott Kurtz and our new intern Patrick Rothfuss. Here are some links:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

-Gabe out

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