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Gabe / on Thu, Mar 13 2014 at 9:20 am

3 facts about PAX East that you will not believe!

God I hate those headlines. Honestly once you read these facts you will probably believe them. You should believe them anyway because they are true. If you don’t believe I’d actually be kind of surprised. That headline sucks though: “3 facts about PAX East that you will more than likely believe.”

Anywhoosit, The full schedule for PAX East is up today and it’s a bit different in terms of what Tycho and I have going on at the show.

We are going to try and make it easier to actually meet up with us via more pin trading events and signings. we have six hours of this sort of thing scheduled now. This means if you want to trade pins, get something signed, or just chat it should be much easier to find us now.

On the opposite side of that is the fact that we are reducing the number of Q&A’s that we do. We have been answering Q’s for a decade at these shows now and I just don’t feel like we need one every day anymore. Having attended all of them personally I feel like I am uniquely qualified to decide this. So we will just have one giant make-a-strip/Q&A panel at PAX East this year. This has always been the most fun panel in my opinion anyway so it makes sense to focus on it.

Since it is just one panel though, we want to make sure it is jam packed with solid questions. When we were doing three a weekend I didn’t mind the “would you rather fight a horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses” questions. I have answered that question on multiple continents now though (a horse sized duck) and I feel like we should switch things up.

So for this Q&A we will be asking you all to submit your questions ahead of time via this fancy form. Then Jamie, our protocol droid (she chose her title) will pull out the best stuff. If you’ve always wanted to ask us something but didn’t want to stand up at a mic in front of three thousand people this is your chance. Tycho and I will not see the questions ahead of time and Jamie will deliver them to us on stage in sealed envelopes. I suggested she use a red envelope for especially hard questions or stuff that might piss us off.

So that’s what we’ve got going on this year. Hit this page to submit your question and we will see you in Boston next month!

-Gabe out

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