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Gabe / on Thu, Mar 13 2014 at 9:26 am

Games and stuff!

I honestly can’t believe how great Titanfall is. I’m playing it until midnight every single night and cursing my human body every time I have to log off and crawl into bed. I’m not sure that any one game is worth buying a console for (except maybe Mario 64 back in the day) but Titanfall makes a damn strong case for picking up an Xbox One.

I’ve been playing Lionheart Tactics on ios for a week now. I wanted to hold off on talking about it until I gave it some time to see how its FTP mechanic shook out. After a week I feel like the game would be better without it, but it’s not a deal breaker. It’s a tactics game with some really amazing art. The 2D character designs you see in cut scenes and portraits are just killer. The game itself has really slick 3D graphics and beautiful little levels. I love playing the game and dislike all the BS free to play mechanics tacked onto it.

When a character dies there is a timer, when they learn a skill there is a timer, when they level up there is a timer. Of course all these timers can be skipped with “Crowns” their in game premium currency. It’s frustrating because I’d happily pay fifteen bucks just to play the game and get rid of all that junk. In the end it hasn’t made me stop but it has changed the way I play it. I’d love to just sit down and play it for an hour but I end up playing a couple maps and then putting it aside while all my timers tick down.

I’m organizing a little 4 player Towerfall action for the office this afternoon and we will stream it. I’ll try and get everyone in the office to sit down for a couple rounds at least. We’ll start around 2:00 pm PST and you can watch it right here or on my Twitch page.

Watch live video from CWgabriel on

My game night at Snapdoodle toys in Kenmore is this Saturday from 4 to 8 pm. I’ll be playing Tsuro of the Seas and maybe a bit of Magic the Gathering. Bring your Pinny Arcade pins if you want to trade.

-Gabe out

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