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Gabe / on Mon, May 5 2014 at 10:30 am

Still Hearthstoning

I’m legitimately obsessed with Hearthstone. I was sick over the weekend and spent the days playing what I would describe as a ridiculous amount of Hearthstone. I’m discovering that what I’m learning now isn’t so much about how to play my deck but how other classes play theirs.

For example I’ve played enough Priests now that I know when I see the Northshire Cleric come out I have to kill her ASAP. She represents the first step in a combination of cards that will snowball and end up wrecking me. Now rather than just playing my cards I’m trying to play theirs as well. Why is this card in their deck? What do they hope to accomplish with it? Can I stop it? I recognize this is a pretty fundamental skill when it comes to competitive card playing but I’m just now getting to it.

I feel like it’s making me a better player although I still can’t seem to crack level 15 in Ranked play. I tend to hover right around 19 most of the time and I’m just not sure what I need to do. Right now I’m playing a deck that started out as a deck I saw over on Trumps Twitch site. I really like playing the Druid and he has a deck he calls “Gaara Dream” that I tried to build. I had most of the cards but not all of them and had to make some substitutions. After playing it a few days I made a few more changes based on how I like to play and the cards I had. I realize this is like Gordon Ramsey giving me a receipt and then saying “well I don’t have all this shit so I’ll toss in some of this and this instead.” Results may vary.

Regardless I’m still having fun (when I win) and I intend to keep trying to bust past level 15. It’s funny, they give you a mount for World of Warcraft after you win three games. I got it a while ago but I haven’t played WOW in years so I didn’t think anything of it. Then this weekend I got sort of curious about what it looked like. I renewed my subscription and logged in just to see what the mount was like you know.

Boy they sure have changed a lot of stuff. My Druid has a bunch of cool new spells.

Well I might as well spend all night questing in the Jade Forest.


-Gabe out

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