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Gabe / on Fri, May 30 2014 at 10:19 am

These four games will blow your mind!

Well maybe not blow your mind but they are pretty cool. You might like them.

Anyway, I’m playing a bunch of good stuff right now and I wanted to share:


Watchdogs started slow in my opinion but it picked up and now I’m really digging it. I like trying to accomplish some of the missions without going in guns blazing. The first time I managed to infiltrate a building and hack its mainframe from the sidewalk outside, I felt pretty great. Since I’m now rocking that awesome RazerBlade Pro, I’m actually playing this one on PC. It looks great and with a 360 controller plugged in, it plays great too.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

This was another slow starter in my opinion. This is one of those games where you play for a while and then they hit you with the logo and you realize you just played the intro. At that point Wolf takes off and I haven’t wanted to put the controller down since. I’m playing this one on PS4 where I’d say it looks decent but not incredible. It certainly doesn’t compare to a shooter like Killzone in terms of visuals. It has some cool set pieces though and what really drives it is the great story and solid shooting mechanics. It’s just crazy fun to play.

Battleheart Legacy

This is a sort of spiritual successor to the original Battleheart which was a great iOS game. They’ve cranked up the graphics this time and re-imagined the combat. Now it’s a full blown RPG with quests, tons of gear, and branching dialog. First of all the combat is really slick. It’s simple but fun and the ability to mix and match powers from various classes adds a ton of tactical depth if you want it. Second the game is funny and well written with lots of branching quests that require interesting choices. Let me just break down one little quest I had last night. A drunk in a bar says he saw a Witch in the forest near town and asked me to go find her. I did and had the option to kill her but talked with her first and she offered to teach me witchcraft if I found a book she needed. I went to the library that was supposed to have it but discovered the book had been confiscated by the kings guards and was held under lock and key. I broke in, killed the guards and took the book. The book was actually sentient and explained it was a spirit trapped in book form and that if I burned the book I’d release the spirit. I would piss off the witch, not learn any witchcraft but in thanks the spirit in the book would give me a massive XP boost. I torched the book and if I see the witch again she’s going down. A bunch of the quests are structured this way and it’s a blast. Seriously go grab it right now.

The Golf Club

This game hit Steam Early Access a while ago and they have been working on it non stop. It’s a fantastic golf game as is and they aren’t even done with the damn thing. The Golf Club leans more towards the sim side which I actually really like. This is a game you play by feel a lot of the time rather than by watching UI elements. The other awesome thing about the Golf Club is the course creator. This is a ridiculously robust set of tools that let you design your own golf course and then publish it for the world to play and rate. I’ve played some incredible user created courses already that have been on par (see what I did there?) with any of the official courses. It’s so great to finally have not just an alternative to Tiger Woods golf, but something that’s actually better in a lot of ways.

Oh, and Wildstar early access starts tomorrow! I need way more hours in the day.

-Gabe out

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