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Tycho / on Wed, Aug 27 2014 at 11:02 am

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I had assumed, largely because I was directly told, that the conglomeration known as Goo-Tube was purchasing Twitch.  It certainly seemed to map out, what with Twitch cracking down on copyright in exactly the same way YouTube had.  But that’s apparently just hedge trimming now, work that must be done in advance of acquisition by any party.  Amazon picked them upOn accident?

When we hear about Jonas, and the whale which constituted his temporary housing, we are (correctly) skeptical.  But nine hundred and seventy million dollars borders on that level of mythic power.  It occupies a zone adjacent to pure fact.  Amazon is doing all kinds of weird shit, including making what is functionally an urban “lair” and building out a credible internal game division.  Twitch has vast cachet, and is essentially social-media powered television enterprise.  What does Amazon see it as?  And does it ultimately result in me having a branded cornea?  Because I’m down.

Monday’s comic featured the plaintive cries of those banned for being actual neo-nazis or for encouraging others to die with tremendous specificity, focused largely around the fact that Lyte (the Riot equivalent of a Blue Response) is either Mother Mary or Charon, and I like either interpretation.

When trying to find

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