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Tycho / on Fri, Aug 29 2014 at 12:01 am

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The Scintillator

Gabriel is constantly impressing himself with what he calls his thinkin’s, which are like little caltrops for the brain.  He once posited that while it was technically true that each cock exists within its own “timeline,” under certain rare conditions it would be possible for a cock to block itself.

That’s, uh… huh.  That’s not really applicable to my life.

We’ve long considered collecting these things together in one of those Daily Affirmation type calendars, we jot them down when we can, but we discussed for a few harrowing minutes what form a book might take.  I will toil to avert this outcome.

PAX Prime is upon us, and there are many rituals to observe; Acquisitions Incorporated returns with Morgaen in tow, and you can see Kris Straub’s new intro a little early if you like, to prepare you for the stream on Saturday night.  We are competing in a Gauntlet tournament aptly named “The Gauntlet,” because the winners get one of those vast novelty belts I coveted as a young wrestling fan.  If such a belt is on the line, you must do everything in your power to possess it.  I’ve still got a pocketful of PAX AUS pins to trade, and my schedule is more open than ever.  You’ll see me.  Come say hi.

I’ll be backstage here in a little bit getting ready for Mikey Neumann’s Storytime, which used to be the Keynote but I think we decided a few years in that “Keynote” was a little serious.  Also, when you ask someone to do Storytime, they say yes much faster than when you ask them to do a Keynote.  Keynotes must, by law, reference Q1.  Storytime is a much better fit for Neumann, who - as “Chief Creative Champion” at Gearbox - is tremendously hard to pin down.  When he was in the office getting ready, he was writing at least one book, working on at least one game, and slicing tracks together for his hip-hop debut.  I’m thinking this dude can probably figure out a podium.

(CW)TB out.

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