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Tycho / on Mon, Sep 1 2014 at 12:01 am

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Making an update while PAX is ongoing still feels pretty weird.  I mean, if you worked at a gaming news site, I guess this would be, like, your whole show.  I suppose the reality is that everyone is updating constantly about the show, and everything else, professionally or otherwise.  “Writing” and “Living” are two distinct gears for me.  It’s a big lever and it’s hard to pull.

We managed our strip duties on Sunday, achieving our goal, performing flawless karate on foes real and imagined.  Using Benaroya for main theater stuff again this year has been really fun, because it is hella plush, and as stated previously (indeed, last year at this time) I’ll never conceive of myself as rating accommodations of this sort.  A world class violinist is going to touch something that I touched before going on, and shit himself on stage.  It will be a sad story, the kind that makes people mourn him while he is still alive.  Such is our corrupting influence.

Benaroya is also a very nice place to play Dungeons & Dragons, should you ever get the opportunity.  I want to thank everybody who came out for Acquisitions Incorporated on Saturday.  I am told by trusted third parties that they think it is the best one yet, and I think being there provides a mysterious additional nutrient, but you can actually watch that event right now if you want.

I am up to my ass in PAX, I’m always here, but huge portions of the show are available online now.  I always sorta fantasized about that, but I had that fantasy before there was such a thing as a Twitch or Twitching.  There’s a channel for the show you can use to project your consciousness into PAX digitally, and the profile page has a deep bank of panels and concerts you can use.  It creates a scenario where you can have had attended pre-Pax - in a roiling and interstitial futurian pastois.

    (CW)TB out.

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