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Gabe / on Fri, Dec 12 2014 at 11:20 am

My “Little Bird”

So uh, the response to today’s comic is a little overwhelming. I had the idea on the way into work and when I got to the office I wrote out the script. Jerry came in as I was furiously typing and asked if I was writing a news post. I told him no, I was writing some fan fiction. He asked if he could see it and I shared the document with him. He tweaked a couple lines but he essentially left it as is, which made me feel pretty fucking good.

We sat down to write a strip for today and he suggested Gabe writing fan fiction might be a funny comic. I asked if he would be okay with me just drawing the actual fan fiction I wrote and using that for the comic. He was skeptical I could get it all done in time but told me to go for it. I started drawing around 11 am and didn’t really leave my desk until almost 8 pm. As Jerry was leaving he asked if I was okay and and I nodded. “this is exactly what I want to be doing right now” I said.

So yeah, I was very proud of the comic but I honestly didn’t expect it to blow up the way it has. It’s true I am a huge Destiny fan. I love the feel of the game and the world. I know there isn’t much story there, but honestly that just leaves me more space to tell my own. It’s easy to go online and read about why a game is stupid or why it’s a waste of time. I’m just not interested in that anymore. I’d much rather talk about why games are awesome and share how inspiring they can be.

This is how I feel when I play Destiny. This is the world I’m playing in.

(click for the big version)

-Gabe out

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