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Gabe / on Fri, Apr 24 2015 at 9:57 am


Tycho is off getting his first tattoo today and I’m really excited for him. I like the design he chose which is more than I can say for my first tattoo. In fact I know a lot of people who aren’t thrilled with their first tattoo. I got my first one about twenty years ago when Tycho was considering his Gargoyles homage. We were living together at the time and I was looking through some of his RPG books. I found this illustration of a heart with a crown of thorns around it and decided that would be my first tattoo. It’s still sitting there on the back of my calf. If nothing else it reminds me of that time in my life and who I was back then, even if I’m not thrilled with the design itself anymore. 

All the tattoos I’ve gotten since then have been much more meaningful. Right after that I got the Pac-Man tattoo that Gabe has in the comic strip. He has it on his right arm and I have it on my left but otherwise it’s the same. After that I started on my right arm sleeve. It started with a Snake and a Monkey since I was born in the year of the snake and my first son Gabe was born in the year of the Monkey. Then when Noah was born I had a Tiger added. The piece has some other stuff in it as well, all relating to fatherhood and my boys.

Just last week I got another tattoo this time on my left forearm. I’ve been hesitant to get any of my own work tattooed on me. I finally decided that I love the Daughters of the Eyrewood so much I was ready to get one permanently inked on me. I still wasn’t ready to draw it myself though so I went to a local artist named Scott Falbo and asked him to read the Eyrewood stuff and give me his take on a Daughter.  I really love his work and I was super happy with his finished design. In fact I like it so much I think I may ask him to expand on it and turn my left arm into a sleeve dedicated to the Eyrewood.

Speaking of the Eyrewood and my kids, my son Gabe asked if he could be a Lookout. I’ve been drawing Noah a lot since I’m still kicking around ideas for a children’s book with him in it. I figured it was only fair to draw Gabe as well. Here’s the piece I did for him last night.

(click for super big)

Tycho’s tattoo starts at around noon. I’m guessing I’ll get the first “this fucking hurts!” text by 12:15.

-Gabe out

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