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Tycho / on Mon, Jan 4 2016 at 11:36 am

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Dare To Dream

Dogs are a theme that runs through a lot of my favorite strips in the archive.  Apparently?  I just found this out.  Like, the one with the Canid is big with Tychos in every demo.  There is an old New Year’s Resolution type strip which also features dogs that I like a lot, and today’s strip is the sequel.  I know what you’re thinking!  How do you top that.  My answer:  even more dogs.

I feel like the math is clear.

If Kiko puts out the call, we can usually get a solid crew together for Rainbow 6 - which is still going strong in our group, even if I never hear anything about it from outside our cloister.  Any other time I have in front of a computer I spend in Elite: Dangerous.  I don’t have the Horizons expansiony thing, and I’m not playing it in VR.  I never do anything of note and my ship is still bullshit.  And yet, for some reason, it’s all I want to do.

It’s like going on vacation, I swear to God.  I’m going on a road trip except there is no road and there’s no destination.  This round of Elite - and there have been several - was inaugurated specifically to try to work with some friends and see in what ways we could be useful to each other, but I’ve never seen any of them yet and I’m fine with it.

Such a big part of what I like about it, and it is literally both big and a part, is just using a fucking flightstick again.  I mean, it’s just a Saitek X52.  It’s not even the Pro!  And me “playing” the game, at least for the time being, mostly involves me just undergoing the rituals of navigating, docking, launching, and travelling.  For whatever reason, that’s just kind of what I want right now.  The stick is a cyber-rosary, and it enables genuflection for Atheists.

I’m also working through the Single Player Challenges in Duelyst, and if you are into collectible tactics type games, you should too.  Basically, if you like Hearthstone but want the cards you play to become monsters on a chessboard, this is one hundred percent that.  Or maybe it’s the hologram wargame thing they play in the Millennium Falcon, but with way fewer pixels.

I’m not looking forward to my first multiplayer match in Duelyst, but sometimes that same fear inspires me to what you might call “basic competency.”  Let’s see.

(CW)TB out.

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