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Tycho / on Fri, Jan 1 2016 at 10:20 am

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A Whole New World

The time we spent with Cho’gall gave us the impression that we liked Heroes of the Storm!  Except we don’t.  Or, we do, as long as we’re playing Cho’gall.  Playing that dude, or… that pile of dudes, is like playing another game altogether while everyone else is playing HotS.

I was talking to Kiko about it, rhapsodically, which is sort of my default mode, and I said that I would love a game where every character consists of these weird hybrids - crewed ships, multiplayer beasts like in CRAWL, frenzied mobs, that kind of thing.

It was like I had tripped the trigger hairs of a Venus flytrap; I could sense him closing up.  After a little while, he said, “I would hate that.”  We play games together often, and he endures it, but I think if we were to play in a game where I was in control of his legs, it would be a murder suicide type situation.  People who are good at games tend not to like the things I like, and there is information contained in that negative space.

  Oh!  But the thing about the maps.  It’s more funny than anything, honestly.  Something will start twinkling on the map, and a spooky voice will exhort me in some way, but Gabe is controlling the feet.  Maybe we’re not gonna get all the way to that one.  Crazy shit is happening all the time, and every map has some new version of it, but you can’t get too mad about it.  And even if you did, in fifteen minutes or so another inexplicable realm will materialize and you’ll be forced to contend with that one.  I feel like it is trying to teach me a lesson about impermanence or something, and I am willing to receive it.

One more thing.  Make that three things:

Fukubukuro, the New Year’s Pinny Arcade Pin, and Dabe’s killer Video Games Sweatshirt are all available now.  Plus, Push Fight - which I rhapsodized about here - is back in stock.

(CW)TB out.

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