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Gabe / on Wed, Feb 10 2016 at 9:05 am

My Timeline

I like to take photos on my phone as I work. I do this to keep a sort of digital sketchbook I guess. I like to be able to swipe back through my photos and see the work I was doing mixed in with pics of my kids and stuff. I thought I’d drop a bunch of it here and see if you guys found it interesting. So here’s a quick dump of the last couple months…minus my kids and some secret projects:)

This starts with a comic drawn back on December 10th

Working on December 10th comic

Christmas Present for Jerry

Initial drawing of Christmas present for Jerry

First crack at the bear from Nightlight

Working on Nightlight bear drawing

More Nightlight

Working on Nightlight panel with bear

Another strip!

Working on another comic

First attempt at the monster for the Thornwatch playtest in PAX South.

Initial drawing for Eyrewood Adventure monster for PAX South

Thinking about the new map system for Thornwatch. A series of tiles separated by a “gutter”. What if they were comic book panels and effects placed on them looked like narration boxes?

Sketches of new tiles idea for Eyrewood Adventures

Time for scissors and glue!

Prototyping board tiles for Eyrewood Adventures

Character portraits should “float” above the tiles! Hey this is starting to look like something.

Character portraits floating over board tiles in Eyrewood Adventures

Gotta finish the Monster. Jerry names it the Swamp Choir and I am reminded why I like him.

Completed drawing of monster named Swamp Choir by Jerry

Time to work on individual tiles. Each one should fit within the context of the theme (forest, swamp) but have its own story seeds as well. A Judge should be able to grab a handful of tiles and come up with an adventure. The judge could grab this one and say “alright Thornwatch, a Lookout has lost his father’s sword!”

Making individual Eyrewood Adventures tiles

More tiles. Tonight we venture to the judging stone!

Making judging stone tile for Eyrewood Adventures game

Gotta keep making comics!

Working on another comic

We were getting a new fireplace installed and my dog really liked it.

Picture of dog in front of new fireplace

Tiles can be mixed and matched but if you’re playing a pre-written adventure maybe the center tiles form one large image?

Eyrewood Adventures game tiles forming one large image

The Witness is really hard.

Working on the Witness comic

Watching people play on the map at PAX South. Holy shit they love it!

Watching people play on the map at PAX South

Destiny is such a rad game.

Working on a Destiny comic

Happy Birthday Jerry.

Happy Birthday Jerry

-Gabe out

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