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Tycho / on Fri, Jan 13 2017 at 4:21 pm

Nintendo Switch And More At PAX South

Did you find yourself fascinated by the Switch presentation last night?  It’s going to be at PAX South!  There are still some tickets available for Saturday and Sunday.

You know what else is at PAX South?  The Southern Debut of Acquisitions Incorporated - featuring the return of the elven archer Morgaen.  We have relied on her in the past, and she answered the call.  But do you know what else we have at this show?  Tons and tons of rad music.

You know and love The Bit Brigade, and with good reason: it’s a crisp wedge of performance art that could only exist at this moment in time.  The OneUps investigate the music of videogames, and report back with their unique interpretations.  These two bands have delighted PAX for years, try to get in front of them if you can.  But there’s a bunch of new faces this year, and I wanted to handle the intros:

Descendants of Erdrick suggest on the site that their album Advent is “a progressive-metal, RPG/Adventure themed album, inspired by epic soundtracks from epic video games.”  What does that mean?  Well, this:

URIZEN is…  URIZEN.  They might be Robots?  I think they might be actual robots.  Maybe inviting them was dangerous.

Viking Guitar is just…  blistering.  Hot metal.  Do not touch this superheated metal without gloves.

The last one on here is Mariachi Entertainment System.  They just…  everybody, listen.  Listening to MES made me happy when I felt the opposite.  See what this does for you:

PAX is, as I have suggested, a bunch of shows all happening in the same place.  One of them is a Concert Festival, and it’s a very, very good one.


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