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Tycho / on Fri, Apr 14 2017 at 3:17 pm

Automata NOIR & EXCEED

I like games in general, games of all kinds; that’s sort of my thing. In the manner of a giant enemy crab, though, I do have a weak point that can be struck for massive damage.

Games that simulate other games.

I think that B. David Talton is the same way, except he must have it worse, because he feels compelled to make these games also. He goes hard.  One of his games - Millennium Blades - is about playing a collectible card game.  I love games based on fighting games as well, I’ve spoken of them often, and he has made two systems: one called BattleCON, and the more-approachable-but-still-rad EXCEED.

He’s a prolific dude, so keeping up with his output is an exciting business.  I mentioned Exceed in a tweet, because I thought it ruled, and he got hold of me via email within a few minutes asking if we wanted to work on something together. He put together a roster for a PA version of Exceed, with a very curatorial selection that revealed him as a true aficionado. I said we should test the waters, and he said “okay!”

He’s Kickstarting a new box for Exceed, called Seventh Cross, that includes a sixteen new fighters to battle with. But! Carl Swangee is included for free at their $100 level, and as an add-on to any level for ten bucks. Modeling interesting, characterful interactions within game systems is what I liked about his work to begin with, and he’s really honored us with his interpretation.

He’s also making an Automata NOIR, a new version of his relentlessly tuned deduction game set in the Automata universe with tender, juicy new modes.  That one’s currently available for pre-order.

I want to investigate more tabletoppy stuff, between the Eyrewood Adventures games we’re making with Lone Shark to fun collaborations when we can put them together. Take a look at this new stuff, and let us know what you think.


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