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Tycho / on Mon, May 29 2017 at 12:01 am

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Green Energy

I have used the dock for my Switch…  twice, I think.  I’m ready to play games there, I’m not opposed to it on moral grounds, but for the time being at least the Nintendo Switch is a machine whose purpose it is to ride through life with me, like a sidecar, while I busy myself making motorcycle metaphors.

I suggested sur le Twittre that the Switch was the premiere destination for Disgaea 5, and I was right, but it’s easy to be right on that one because after you have one it’s where you want everything.  I want all console games to be vigorous chimaerae, equally adept as globally circumnavigating satellites as they are played from the couch.  This isn’t about form factor, and I wouldn’t denigrate it with a term like “convenience.”  This is about console gaming that recognizes I have a complicated fucking life and wants to meet me where I live.

It’s like this: I mean, the PC is always gonna be my first love.  The platform I’m drawn to has got to be a place where something like Endless Space 2 not only exists, but a place where it would.  The second is more vital, because it gates potential.  Weirdoes and slippery, soakin’ wet mutants dominate these blistered lands.  What consoles do is offer entre into the world class talent, brands, and philosophies the console manufacturers have sequestered.

I want to say it again just so that there is a greater chance of the right people hearing it.  The Nintendo Switch doesn’t need to do anything else but be the place where Nintendo games past and present and the best Indie games happen in order to be the greatest system of all time.  I mean… Pokemon, by itself.  Monster Hunter is just a thick layer of cream cheese frosting.  If I can get Dead Cells, or whatever the next Dead Cells is - let us all pray that we are one day are using the term Cells-alike - plus a new Super Mario Odyssey on the same slab?  We’re done here.  The reigning aesthetic for years has literally been “this looks like a Super Nintendo Game.”  Let’s make that shit official.

We also made a comic about a novel power solution for the Switch.  A++ would use.

(CW)TB out.

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