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Tycho / on Wed, Jun 7 2017 at 11:50 am

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The Opposite Of Engage

This didn’t happen to us; it happened to one of our crew.  Specifically, our Engineer.

  I don’t know what time it was where he lives, but whatever it showed on mortal clocks it wasn’t time to be yelling at invisible people at his house - a fact made clear by the powerful mic he was using, which allowed us to hear absolutely everything going on in this couple’s intimate conflict.  Near the end, I saw him look up, and to the left, bending his head toward an invisible, angry woman, and ask for a kiss.

No kiss was forthcoming.

Our virtual lives got substantially more complex once my dog Mr. Bennet chewed off the end of the PSVR cable.  I’m not pleased, exactly, but it did give me an excuse to play on Oculus Rift instead, where - unlike the PSVR - you can point your index finger.  This is vital in the Captain’s Chair, when a pointed finger delivers that extra portion of authority that command sometimes requires.

The backend for all the cross platform stuff goes through Ubisoft Club, which is sometimes called Uplay and sometimes isn’t, depending on the screen you are looking at.  It also requires that you go into an Actions menu whose purpose isn’t a hundred percent clear initially.  Also, I was never able to get it to work.  We had to do the thing for a little while where he would open his game to the world, spontaneous fermentation, and I would try to jump in fast.  Not the best.

We played with our friend Garry Whitta, and this seemed to help, because he was able to “bridge” the gap between the platforms; Gabe and I could both receive invites from him, even if we couldn’t really see each other.  I have a theory about how to manage that, but we haven’t had a chance to explore it yet.  Gabriel was mad because even though he wasn’t playing on computers, he still had to deal with all the computer bullshit.

Honestly, I just think he was jealous that he couldn’t point.

(CW)TB out.

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