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Tycho / on Sun, Jun 25 2017 at 1:48 pm

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The Last Guardian

I am typing this at Disney World.  They have invented a kind of magnet that works on money, here, and it works really, really well.  They have a kind of watch you wear that doesn’t tell time, but does allow you to spend money in an almost frictionless way and I have.  I’m glad that I came down right after the C Team but came home before our Warmachine show we do with Privateer Press, because it provided a kind of upper bound on my losses.  Also, they have a root beer float you can get by the pool only it’s not root beer it’s Guinness.  A dangerous juxtaposition.

Because I am ensconced by various stimuli calibrated to manufacture joy, for example Pharrell Williams’ Happy, I’ve been thinking about the memetic nature of this stuff.  I always assumed that the data which is thriving now is succeeding in an ecosystem of tremendous competition, and as such must be unrelenting on some axis.  But, like a disease unearthed in some ancient tomb, I have to contend with the dankest fucking memes on a regular basis at home for no other reason than the fact that they survived the microbial wars of some previous era.  I have to talk about whether or not the cake is a lie, like… a lot.

It comes up a lot

Old successes get repurposed, too, filled with cream for lack of a better term - Voltron has these five lions that make a single large, steel man.  There’s a metaphor deep down in it that works.  But if you try to show larvae the old ones, you’ll barely understand why you liked it to begin with.  It has the causality of a fever dream.

The new one was always gonna be rad, given the people behind it.  I like Avatar, and the various Bendings that come in tow, but it’s something I watched alone in the middle of the night.  When Elliot was younger, if a show wasn’t about earth moving equipment moving earth it was a straight up “fuck you dad” situation.  Because we are different in every way, the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender is really important to Gabe’s family, a media barrage that is somehow able to intersect all four members of the family wherever they are.  That’s some profound geometry there, for it to have this capacity.  And, like every sacred icon, it has a dark reflection that he’s done his best to hide

(CW)TB out.

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