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Tycho / on Mon, Aug 21 2017 at 9:41 am

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The Ring Within

Sonic fandom is a robust and layered thing.

You need a source of energy, of psychic calories, to endure what they have endured.  The good memories generated by a Puyo Puyo reskin or the explosive Sonic Adventure are as subject to entropy as anything else.  There are some for whom it is a matter of identity, an anthro trojan horse driven deep into the consciousness of a nation.  Some are simply very, very fond of the color blue.

For Galabriel, it’s bound up in his pledge to an ancient order - he was a Servant of the Master System, and the Genesis inherited his fealty.  Among other things, I’m told that it was a period where you had to actively claim that Mario games were not good.  That…  That seems like a tough position.  But there’s a lot to like in the new Sonic Mania, and it’s on the Switch, which means you get to play it more than you generally would.  A bunch of work on the game was also done by the fuckin’ fan community.  Shit’s artisinal.

I’m gonna break down the latest session of my weekend D&D game I run for America’s youth, as things got novel fairly quickly, but D&D seems to suffuse everything I do now.  Prepare for the PAX West game of Acquisitions Incorporated with the two and a half hour podcast “Enter The Trash Witch” featuring Holly Conrad!  As if that weren’t enough, first episode of the new “C” Team arc “Anchors Aweigh” just started - it’s on Twitch, podcast, to say nothing of the hallowed video halls of Yorab Tub:

(CW)TB out.

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