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Tycho / on Fri, Apr 20 2018 at 10:28 am

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The Net Serpent

People often talk about the “dadification” of games, which I suspect is at least partially a function of a workforce that is aging and a medium that is aging with it.  I mean aging in the sense of a casked liquor.  I don’t mean aging in demonstrable progression of decrepitude sense, but know this: the grave awaits us all.  Purely in terms of time spent there, it’s not even a contest; the tomb is the truest home of man.

Along with this dadification comes various representations of young people, which is a very tough business.  It’s not impossible to do, but it’s almost never the case that a writer is tasked with this while they have any idea what fucking kids are like from the perspective of a kid.  You forget this right away, some alteration in the structure of the brain, when you take your place on the frontlines of our perpetual, generational wars.

I have occasionally seen well-behaved children in the wild, civilized creatures, at whose feet the gutted Earth is restored.  I assume they have very firm parents.  Not that I’m not firm; I’m just firm in ways that create problems for me later, with jeremiads about unaccountable power and distrust of arbitrary authority that erode my own rhetorical position.  We have more thoughts on this topic in the strip.

The game is excellent, but the way.  We lucked out pretty hard that the dude sending out the review copies was somebody we’d known over at Atlus originally, and Gabe has been gnawing on it with great hunger and ferocity.  I would say it was hot as Hel, kinda work the Norse thing in there, but the Norse didn’t conceive of Hell as hot - they conceived of it as cold.  The joke doesn’t work at all

Cory Barlog, the Director on the new God of War, posted a video of himself checking the Metacritic for the game.  It’s like an unboxing video, but for the potential of the human spirit.

I had a sense what the video would actually be about before I started it, and ultimately time would prove it correct: it’s not personal in any way.  it’s the relief of having lead people through a very hard place and, with the number in front of him, having independently verifiable proof that their trust had not been misplaced.  He did not lead them astray.  Until he saw that, he didn’t know himself.

(CW)TB out.

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