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Gabe / on Fri, Apr 12 2019 at 8:55 pm


We took our family Sea of Thieves game to Twitch this afternoon and although there were a few hiccups, overall it was pretty smooth! My home internet wasn’t perfect and the stream ended up being cut into a few different parts. You can check out the start of our voyage here.

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I won’t spoil anything for those who want to watch, but the end was fraught with danger.

After the stream, we switched gears and I ran our weekly Sea of Thieves themed D&D game called (I still don’t have a name). Noah has been asking to fight a Kraken and since their characters are only level two I said not just yet. Then I thought a little dice game about fighting a Kraken could be fun. That spawned the theme for today’s adventure in which the party learned the game and played for gold. I took a look at Tycho’s Giants and Halflings which is totally rad but too complicated for my game. I needed something simpler but I used that as a jumping off point. I like messing around with stuff like this but I do all of it by gut and I don’t know anything about the underlying math. This is probably incredibly broken but the party loved it and we were all laughing and shouting at some lucky harpoon shots.


All pirates need 2 d6 (called cannons) and 1d4 (called the Harpoon)
you will also need 1 d12 (the Kraken)

First all pirates must ante 1 gold coin into the pot
Next you must yell “Roll yer cannons!” using you best pirate voice.

All pirates then roll 2d6 and note the result

Now someone must roll 1d12 (The Kraken) and this number becomes the target.

The pirate whose combined “cannons roll” is closest to the target without going over, hits the Kraken’s eye and wins the pot. However, after the Kraken is rolled and the target number is revealed, all pirates have the option of rolling their Harpoon (1d4)

After anyone who wants to has rolled their harpoons the winner is determined. Ties split the pot. If no one kills the Kraken the pot carries over to the next round.

We almost all figured pirates hate sharing treasure so there were a lot of…hopeful harpoons thrown. 

I had to make sure it was something Noah could grasp and he ended up not only grasping it, but taking all the gold. At one point while raking in a pile of chips he shouted “I love gambling” which is probably not the best. Just when you think you’re doing this Dad thing right, they throw you a curve ball.

-Gabe Out

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