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Tycho / on Fri, Apr 12 2019 at 12:01 am

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The Old Country

I had to repair this computer to even write this post - that’s how fucked up shit is over in Spokane.

That’s just what’s up here: you start out harrowed, then feeling is lost, and then you discover bats living in your ribcage.  And you let them because you’re afraid something else will try to live in there instead and having the bats in there is like a hairy, black No Vacancy sign.  You have to make sure you’re tooled up to flex on a motherfucking mutant.

I had to invent a word based martial art - Pugilectics - to protect myself under the very real possibility that my limbs either go missing or are actively turned against me.  It’s the sort of shit you only need to see once before it becomes something you plan around.

Hey!  If you enjoy the kind of imagery that Spokane naturally inspires, it’s possible you might enjoy the game of Call of Cthulhu we played earlier this week.  It was a sponsored stream on the channel, but that sponsorship didn’t involve being included in the post - I genuinely think you might enjoy it if you aren’t already familiar with the mechanics, and as an investment in live roleplaying it’s only a couple hours, which is pretty rare.

I was able to convince Gabe to play in this one, and we also have Dora (whose PAX Explorers League garb you might be wearing right now)  and Lidija, who manages all our merchandise endeavors both home and away at the shows.  It’s a cool system run by a good DM for people who are picking up what he’s putting down; more or less optimal Friday viewing.

(CW)TB out.