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Tycho / on Fri, Oct 18 2019 at 12:01 am

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There were a lot of questions during the Aussie Q&As from a person whose first name started with M and their last name started with K.  They involved…  well, take a look at the strip.

The text in that comic is one of the real questions, but there were quite a few of these brazen, public assaults in store for us.  Occasionally I could feel one stir in its envelope, feel its energy, sense the shenanigan factor (F-Sh) rise precipitously.  For example:

This question is for Jerry, Mike is so handsome and wise. He teaches me every day.
Mink Karholdwick
  Seattle, Wa

And it’s like, uh, that’s not a question.  Or:

This Question is for Jerry, Mike straddles the line between rad artist and incredible artist. What do you straddle?
Mop kreehablick,
Seattle, Wa

Uh huh, also

This Question is for Jerry, Mike can see the distant reaches of the universe and even beyond by using a process he describes in his book “My Time in Space” as “farwalking”. Have you danced with him across the twinkling void? If yes, how was it?
Mustard Ketchup
  Seattle, Wa

Honestly I’m fine with this one.  But this one…

I am so sorry, this Question is for Jerry, poetry is dumb
Masty Puthole
Seattle, Wa

...I mean, is it strictly necessary, Michael.

(CW)TB out.

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